Brown Sugar Crumble

The topic of crumble came up last night when chatting with the lovely Alida and Rosie, and it reminded me of this great recipe for a crumble topping. It’s a topping Continue reading


Hog Roast curry!

We had an event aa few weeks ago when the day finished with a hog roast. So last night we ate up the left overs in a curry. It is a great recipe for using up meat that’s already cooked – I’m thinking it could be a good option for left over turkey at Christmas!

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Beef Madras

In case you haven’t realised yet, I’m posting several curry recipes because last week we had a curry night for about 40 of us and produced 3 curries. Here’s the recipe I used for a Beef Madras curry. Again, easy to cook in the slow cooker which makes life much easier when you’re cooking for lots of people! Continue reading

Easy Thai Chicken Curry

Here’s a recipe for an easy Thai Chicken Curry that, rather than using individual spices to make its own paste, uses a ready made Thai Green curry paste. This makes it easier to make quickly or in large quantities as I did. As ever I cooked this in my slow cooker. Ingredients were added in a few different stages- not typical of my recipes but Continue reading

Pork & Apple Casserole

Maybe you’ve seen the latest Sainsbury’s TV advert with Nick Coffer cooking with his children ( In it he prepares a pork casserole using left-overs from his roast the day before. Although I didn’t use that particular recipe, the advert achieved what it intended and prompted me to buy pork from Sainsbury’s! Their joints are half price at the time of posting so it was a cheap way of feeding a lot of people last night. Here’s Continue reading

Easy chocolate mousse

When we had people for dinner this week I was looking for a really easy chocolate mousse recipe. There wasn’t a lot of time to get things organised and I don’t particularly like chocolate mousse recipes that use  raw eggs in – although I realise that’s just a matter of personal taste. Continue reading

Gammon Casserole

We had lots of people here to eat again this week and I wanted to cook something relatively cheap for them. At this time of year you can often find gammon reduced so I decided to use that as the main meat. There are some flavours combinations that Continue reading

Onion Gravy

Last week was National Sausage Week and I meant to post this recipe then but didn’t get round to it. If you’ve visited my blog before you probably have a good idea of how often sausages get eaten in our house. Often I’ll use the slow cooker and turn them into some kind of casserole, but we also love having sausages and mash. Here’s the recipe I use for onion gravy which accompanies them really nicely. Continue reading